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Melanie Willey

Photo credit:  Lynda's Photo Art

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Melanie Willey Creates, Artist

How to Buy my Artwork

Please leave me a message, I look forward to hearing from you. 

 OR private message me on messenger specifying the title of the painting and your ZIP code (to determine shipping charges).   

My prices vary according to materials, sizes, shipping charges etc. 


Current prices are approximate as of Winter 2020.  *Sales Tax and Shipping charges are not included.  Shipping charges will vary.

Please ask me any questions.

5" x 5" (+smaller)  price range $35-100.00 U.S.*

5" x 7" price range          $45.00- $100.00 U.S.* 

8 x 10”  price range         $100.00-200.00 U.S.*

11 x 14” price range        $200.00-350.00 U.S. *

9 x 12” price range          $200.00-400.00 U.S. *

16 x 20” price range        $400.00-$600.00 U.S.*

Larger canvases price ranges   $500.00 and up U.S.*

I accept the following payment methods:

  • Major credit cards via Paypal

  • Square Reader

       (I can take information over the phone,

       or slide credit card in person)

  • Money orders,

  • Cashier's checks

  • Personal check (please allow 7 days for clearance)                       

If you live outside of the United States, please note that certain countries charge custom fees on artwork and you may be required to pay them upon the receipt of the shipment.


Commission Artwork


I sometimes accept commissions for portraits, house portraits, special occasions etc.  I work on location, I can work on portraits in my home studio and I will also work from photographic references. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you are interested in having a painting specially created for a special event or occasion.   Commissioning artwork can be quite an honoring of a person, a place or event for all involved from the person who is commissioning the work, to the artist and especially the person gifted with the artwork.  What a wonderful way to celebrate, honor and visually document a certain time and connection in history to be passed onward.  

Please e-mail me with your request. I will be happy to advise you about materials, sizing, colors, finishing's, framing ideas etc.

Thank You.

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