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Evening Peacock
Birch on Bluez - SOLD
"Forest Swirl"
"Sun & Wind"
"Crimson Windows"
"Firefly Path"
"Known to Unknown"
"Moonlight Walk" - sold
"Maine Marsh" - SOLD
"Water Gate"
"Hermit Island Sunset" - sold
"Hermit Island Bath" - sold
"Magic Camperdown Elm Tree"
"Mermaid Cottage"
"Ellen's Edible Birthday Feast"
"Adirondack Chairs" - sold
"Duck Hunt" nfs
"Winter Blues and Purples"
"Camperdown in snow"
The Chocolate Church Performing Arts
"Looking up Elm Street" - SOLD
"River Front Bath Maine"
"At the Camp" - sold
"Bottles" - sold
"Bottles by the Window"
"Bay Bridge old Train Bridge"
"Forest Path" - sold
"Winter Ledge" - sold
"Birch Trees"
"Autumn in the Yard" - nfs
"Blue House on High"
"Afternoon at Snow Pond" - sold
"Concrete and Boat Houses" - sold
"Blue Winter Home" - sold
"Early Fall on Front" - not avail.
"Behind The Church"
"A Damon Home" - sold
"friendly porch" - nfs
"A Peek Into Fall"
"Flowers in small blue vase" - sold
Flowers in Blue Vase acrylic 9 x 12 panel (sold)
"Sunflowers" - sold
"Trio on Washington" - sold
"Winter on it's Way" - sold
"Shipbuilders Home"
"Winter Daisies" - sold
"Yellow Blues"
"Spring Drying" - sold
"Saco Sunset" - sold
"Night Water" - sold
"River Ridge" - sold
"Sun Up Center" - sold
"Mum's Chicken" - sold
"Peacock" - sold
"Proud Peacock" - nfs
"Juricho Beach" - sold
"Ocean Flower Path"
"White Fence"
"House by the River" - sold
"Morning Corner" -sold
"Icicles on High" - sold
"Maxwell Houses" - nfs
"In The West" - sold
"Mount Greylock" - sold
"Ridge Trail"
"Out the Door"
"On the Loop"
"Sun Flowers in Blue Vase" - sold
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